Blue Pleats and an update


Back in February I wrote a post about how I wasn't going to make any resolutions this year, instead I was going to make a list of things that I would like to do over the year, if I achieve them great, if I didn't I'm not going to worry at all. The main thing was to start making a few small changes to my lifestyle and try and create a better work/life balance.

What do the pictures have to do with this? Well, I think they pretty much sum up how I feel at the moment. I've made a few changes with regards to handling my stress and they also remind me of a great weekend we had recently. Of course, I also wanted show this fab outfit I picked up on a late night trip to my favourite grocery store! Both items are from Sainsbury's in the sale, I absolutely adore them. The jumper is perfect for now, although it's sunny during the day sometimes the wind has been a bit chilly so a thin jumper is the answer for those days. I teamed it with this navy pleated skirt and I think they both went so well together.

So, my no resolutions, how are they going? Well here's a little update:

Travel - So far this year we've made it to Burford for my birthday which was amazing, I wrote a post all about which you can read here. In March we went to Birmingham for the Style XL Awards. I was nominated for most inspiring blogger, my first award nomination which I was super proud of. As we have two bank holidays in May I'm hoping that we get away for one of them. We've also got trips to Liverpool and Cambridge coming up and a yet to be booked holiday, someone nice and hot, later on in the year.

Relax - So this is something that I'm still working on. I've made a start by doing some yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I've done a couple before bedtime and I definitely felt the tension ease from my shoulders, so this is definitely one thing I'm going to keep working on. I've also been focusing on my breathing at work when I start getting stressed, I have to say this really does help, last week I felt so calm and only got stressed once.

Wedding - Nothing more to say on this really, still a 'work in progress'!

Move More - Mr C and I took my work dogs for a walk again which was fun as per usual. Even though we (ok, I) got dragged along and had to stop them from jumping up at everyone it was a fun walk, a nice break to the work day. Now that the weather is better I'm going to make sure that I get out for a lunchtime stroll, maybe not everyday but at least 2-3 times a week.

Much Love




  1. Oh, this outfit is delightful! I love it.
    Burford is gorgeous, Iain and I pop there a lot for fishing gear from the Orvis shop.

    C x


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