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I saw the lovely Dani Vanier rocking the double denim look recently. I feel like it's one of those trends or looks that either works or it doesn't but she pulled it off with her usual effortless chic style.

I knew I wanted to give it a go when I bought a denim shirt from New Look recently. It was a really random purchase, I wasn't going shopping for anything (like I always do!) but ended up bringing this shirt and a dress home with me.

I ended up really liking how it looked with my jeggings so, after we went shopping, we stopped by home quickly, picked up the camera and went to my favourite spot to take a few pictures!

Still in love with these shoes!

Shirt - New Look (sale)
Tee - ASOS
Jeggings - New Look (sale)
Shoes - New Look (no longer available)
Bag - Tory Burch

What do you think of double denim?

Much Love




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