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Mr C and I love nothing better than finding new places for a good Saturday morning breakfast, recently we've found a couple of really places in the Buckingham and Brackley areas. If it's good then we are prepared to travel a little bit to get there!

A few weeks ago we headed to one of our favourite places in Buckingham only to find that it was closed, cue a majorly disappointed face from Mr C! I immediately got my phone out and tried to find somewhere not too far away and with good reviews.

One of the first places to pop up was the Hayloft Resturant at Boycott Farm, coming up as only being less than a 10 minute drive away from where we were. We headed back to the car, set the sat nav up, and drove straight there.

Set off the beaten track we drove into a large courtyard space and was greeted by the beautiful display of flowers and the smell of food!

Inside was just as lovely, it looks as though it's a converted barn, the downstairs is a farmshop and upstairs a small seating area for the restaurant.

We both opted for a Boycott breakfast, of course I had to sample the black pudding, finding some that is good quality and tasty is so hard so I kept my fingers crossed for this!

Ok, so all I'm going to say is that this is the best black pudding and breakfast that I have ever eaten. The pudding has a rich flavour to it, you can definitely tell the difference between the quality of this compared to shop bought stuff from Aldi for example. The scrambled eggs were perfect, light, fluffy and fresh. A good quality sausage and fried bread were the perfect additions, you can change what you have, Mr C had beans and bacon. I'm not a fan of fried bread normally, I think the first time I ever tried it was at a service station breakfast, my first and last one, and it was not pleasant. But, this however was crispy on the outside, fluffy inside and had the most mouth watering buttery taste, yum! Since our first visit we've been back again, and I can definitely say that this will be a new go to place for us!

We also picked up some cakes and black pudding from the farm shop, the cakes didn't last very long at all!

You can read more about the restaurant and farm here. If you are local in the Buckingham area, or visiting/ passing through, I would highly recommend!

Much Love




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