Style | Stuck in a rut


I've definitely been stuck in a bit of a style rut with my work outfits recently. I keep reaching for the same things and I'm getting a little bit bored to be completely honest. It sounds kind of weird but I find that if I feel good in my outfit it makes me feel a bit better about the day ahead.

I purchased this dress from ASOS months ago. I liked the colour, the style and it was on sale but it was too cold to wear it at the time. I popped it in the back of my wardrobe and then completely forgot about it. Last weekend I having a good old root through my wardrobe, trying to gain some inspiration for work outfits, when I found this dress. It is quite casual but I think the addition of a belt and my favourite shoes made it a little bit smarter for work.


  1. Oh this is lovely - you look amazing!

    C x

  2. This color is perfect on you. I love those shoes!


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