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Style | Trying the Trends

Hi! I'm not really one for trends, I'm usually just a wear what I like kind of girl. However, some of the recent spring trends have caught my eye - pinks, red, gingham and ruffles especially. I spotted this jumper on the sale rail at Sainsburys. I wasn't sure about it at first so I put it back. While I looked around at other stuff I kept thinking about it so I went back, picked it up and threw it in my trolley. No trying on, no looking in the mirror, I just had a good feeling about it and, at only £6, if it didn't work out I wouldn't be too upset! I can't even describe how happy I am about how this outfit came together. I must admit I did have a slight panic when I first tried it on at home. I wasn't sure about the placement of the ruffles on the arms but, once I put my shoes on, some lipstick on and grabbed my bag, I felt so much better about it. It's not something that I would normally wear but I'm definitely going to try stepping