Sunshine and Sand


Mr C and I recently took a trip down to Truro in Cornwall. It was on our list of places to visit and, even though Mr C had been there before, this was a lot further down that way than I had been before. Unfortunately, travelling took up almost 2 days of our trip so we were only really left with 3 full days, which we made the most of!

After a very wet start to the week the sun slowly made an appearance much to our delight. Luckily I took a few pairs of trousers with me but also managed to pack a few dresses as well.

This one is a new addition to my wardrobe. After the recent heatwave in the UK I realised that I didn't have enough sleeveless dresses, so I popped on the ASOS website and ordered a couple. This was my favourite one, the other will be in an upcoming post!

The dress is by Junarose via ASOS and it was in the sale. I couldn't see it when I looked again though. It's very lightweight which means it is perfect for hot days but no so perfect for windy days as I found out! I had to make an outfit change later on in the day as I couldn't take anymore of flashing my shorts to the people of Truro!

Shoes - New Look (old)


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