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Beauty | Bare Minerals Make Up Lesson Part Two

Hi, On Tuesday I wrote about my trip to the Bare Minerals counter inside Debenhams at Intu Milton Keynes. You can read the first part here . Once my foundation, concealer, powder had been done it was time to start on my eyes and lips. I opted not to have any eyeshadow applied, it's one thing that I just don't wear, for someone who can't see much at all without my glasses applying eyeshadow can be really tricky and it never looks good. I did go for some eyeliner, but rather than going for my usual black or brown and even more recently Navy blue, I chose a gorgeous purple, the lasting line in Endless Orchid . It was really subtle on but you could definitely see the definition it added to my eyes. Another product on my list of must haves! Mascara was a must for me, I always find that it makes my eyes stand out from behind my glasses and also makes me look a little less tired! The mascara used was the Flawless Definition in black. It gave me a good amoun

Beauty | Bare Minerals Make Up Lesson

Hi, Last week I made a trip to the Bare Minerals stand in Debenams at Intu MK. Since finding out about their free make up lessons I was super keen to book one to improve my make up application. If you didn't already know the Bare Minerals counter do free make up lessons. There are 7 to choose from starting with Lesson 1: The Bare Beauty Signature Look through to Lesson 7: Beautiful Bride. You can choose any of the lessons but, I decided to start at the beginning and go for lesson 1. Now, my make up routine is really simple as I don't wear any to work during the week. I was forever torn between 10 extra minutes in bed or putting on concealer to hide my dark circles, fortunately I spend 90% of my day looking at a screen so I don't really have to let anyone see my panda eyes! I met with the lovely Josephine who was going to guide me through my first lesson. First of all we went through some skincare questions, what is my skin type, what skincare I currently use

Beauty | Mens Haircare Guide

tHi, Haircare, one thing I have spoken about a number of times on my blog - products I like, don't like and how it's the bane of my life! This time though it's the turn of Mr C, I'm going to hand over the blog to him today so that he can share his favourite haircare items and one product that is currently on his radar, a new Men's Trimmer . Whilst most men might be worrying about thinning hair as they get close to the big 4-0, this is one thing that Mr C doesn't have to worry about. He has been lucky enough to be blessed with the thickest black hair I've ever seen. Having this thick mane of hair does come with some issues though like finding the right shampoo, a good strong comb and so many trips to the hairdresser it's like a second home! Anyway enough of my rambling, I'll let Mr C carry on with his hair guide. GROOMING One thing that is important to me is keeping my hair looking tidy. I do have to make regular trips to the hairdress

Lifestyle | That forgotten feeling

Hi, Stress, its an easy word to use right? In my twenties the things that 'stressed' me out were finding the perfect outfit for a night out, who wanted to go out at the weekend, finding a boyfriend, simple things hey! But, what about when you really suffer from Stress. To me it feels like it's one of those things that is rarely spoken about but, it should be. It's not classed as an illness but it can cause serious illnesses such as heart disease, asthma, stroke and diabetes if it isn't under control. It took one particularly bad week, that I ended up in the doctors sobbing my heart out, to realise that I really was stressed. Not just a little bit, but a lot and it was affecting my health. Months of not sleeping and waking up in the middle of night with a racing heart, not being able to catch my breath, constant headaches, tightness in my chest and dizziness all began to take its toll. Stress induced panic attacks, scary right? I can tell you it most certa