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Last week I made a trip to the Bare Minerals stand in Debenams at Intu MK. Since finding out about their free make up lessons I was super keen to book one to improve my make up application.

If you didn't already know the Bare Minerals counter do free make up lessons. There are 7 to choose from starting with Lesson 1: The Bare Beauty Signature Look through to Lesson 7: Beautiful Bride. You can choose any of the lessons but, I decided to start at the beginning and go for lesson 1.

Now, my make up routine is really simple as I don't wear any to work during the week. I was forever torn between 10 extra minutes in bed or putting on concealer to hide my dark circles, fortunately I spend 90% of my day looking at a screen so I don't really have to let anyone see my panda eyes!

I met with the lovely Josephine who was going to guide me through my first lesson. First of all we went through some skincare questions, what is my skin type, what skincare I currently use and what sort of make up finish I was looking for. After that she cleansed my skin, explaining about each product as she went along. Next I applied some moisturiser, eye cream and, something new to me, primer.

I'd already tried the Bare Minerals liquid foundation at the Intu A/W event back in September and was impressed with it then. We did a colour match, this is something really important for me, I've tried many foundations and been left looking ashy, grey or too dark. Josephine tried 3 on my cheek and it was clear the middle one was perfect, you could barely see it on my skin. I realised whilst I was sat there that I currently didn't own a foundation, only concealer. I've wasted so much money over the years with the wrong tones and formulas so I wanted to take my time choosing a new one. I already know that I will be purchasing this one, even at 8pm that night it was still in place and didn't give me that heavy caked on feeling.

My favourite thing about the lesson was that Josephine would explain what she was doing, show me on one side of my face and then I would do it on the other side! This meant that I could check if I was doing it right and also gain a better understanding of where to apply products.

After foundation, Josephine concealed under my eyes with a powder to cream finish concealer. I've never seen this before so wasn't too sure about it at first but once it was on I was surprised, it really brightened under my eyes without getting into the lines. For an evening look I would have concealed other areas but for a daytime look under the eyes was enough.

Next it was time for some blush, just a small amount on my cheeks and a light dusting on my forehead. This was followed by bronzer and highlight. Now, I won't go into too much detail here as I'm going for my second lesson soon which is; contour and highlight!

So, this is the first part of my make up lesson. I'm splitting it into two parts as one post would be super long!


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