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Haircare, one thing I have spoken about a number of times on my blog - products I like, don't like and how it's the bane of my life! This time though it's the turn of Mr C, I'm going to hand over the blog to him today so that he can share his favourite haircare items and one product that is currently on his radar, a new Men's Trimmer.

Whilst most men might be worrying about thinning hair as they get close to the big 4-0, this is one thing that Mr C doesn't have to worry about. He has been lucky enough to be blessed with the thickest black hair I've ever seen. Having this thick mane of hair does come with some issues though like finding the right shampoo, a good strong comb and so many trips to the hairdresser it's like a second home! Anyway enough of my rambling, I'll let Mr C carry on with his hair guide.


One thing that is important to me is keeping my hair looking tidy. I do have to make regular trips to the hairdressers (my hair seems to grow so fast), but that can be quite expensive so, in between trips, I try and keep my hair looking relatively tidy at home. My most recent hair trimmer gave up on me a few weeks ago, so I have been doing my research into a new one. The Panasonic multi groomer is one of two that I have been looking at, not only does it have an attachment for hair trimming which will help keep my hair in shape after I have been to the hairdressers but, it can be used for keeping my beard looking sharp and maybe a little manscaping (Nat says my legs could do with a little attention!). There are lots of other additional features such as being cordless, an adjustable hair comb attachment and it's washable too.

You can watch a review of the trimmer here.

Now, my days of gelling my hair into that perfect style are long gone, adding moisture and preventing hair loss are now high on the list for me. I normally use Dax but, recently I've been using some of Natalie's hair care products and they seem to be doing the trick! My personal favourite is the Palmers Coconut Oil spray, not only does it smell good but it leaves my hair feeling smooth, soft and lot more manageable. Due to my hair being so thick and my scalp so dry, I have to wash my hair daily so I also use Schwarzkopf Total Repair Shampoo. I have tried so many other brands over the years but none of them have worked as well as the current products I am using. Very occasionally, if I have time/can be bothered, I will use a conditioner (usually whatever expensive stuff Nat has left lying around)!

So, that's my hair care guide. While it may be short and simple it works wonders on my hair! And to be honest, it has to be like this for me to go through it on a daily basis. Thank you for reading.

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