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Style | Fashion Show MK and OOTN

Hi! Mr C and I attended the Fashion Show MK event at the beautiful Chichley Hall. After attending the S/S event earlier on in the year I was super excited to what was in store for A/W! The night started with some beautiful live music and then a brief interval before we got to see all the fashion! We were treated to some gorgeous looks from brands and boutiques such as FitLete Clothing, Shokushu Boutique, NoaNoa, Moodis Fashion, Romi Boutique and the collection from Blogger/Influencer, Scarlett London. If you want to see more looks from the night click here to go to the Instagram page. There were a great range of clothing for men and women on show. I definitely feel ready for the Christmas party season after seeing some of these beautiful dresses. There were some incredible pieces from Emma Semento, if you want to stand out from the crown and be unique then these are for you! Who said pastels were for Spring? If you want a more softer look for C

Lifestyle | Thors Tipi Bar

Hi, Last Friday Mr C and I took a trip to Intu Milton Keynes to visit the newly installed Thor's Tipi Bar. If you haven't heard of them before Thor's are Christmas pop-up tipi bars which are based in city centres such as York, Leeds, Hull and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. They will be at Intu MK in Oak Court from now until the 31st December. I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't heard of them before. Was it going to be a giant tent, how would I keep warm and what exactly would it look like inside? Walking up to it I realised that I was completely wrong, a huge inviting tipi was awaiting us. Once inside it was like a small part of Scandinavia had dropped into Intu. Imagine a roaring fire, mulled wine, giant wooden benches and faux fur blankets covering them. There is a good size bar inside with plenty of drinks to choose from like beer, mulled wine, soft drinks or a 'pimped up hot chocolate'. Keeping warm was not an issue, there

Style | Autumn Walks

Hi, Autumn is finally here!! I always get excited, not for the pumpkins, or Halloween but, just because the trees and flowers look so beautiful. I always feel so calm when I'm outside, especially with the leaves falling and little bit of sunshine. One of my favourite things is to go for a walks in random new spots that we find. On this particular occasion we'd stopped at the Teardrop Lakes in Milton Keynes. It was after my trip to Rush Hair, hence being a little overdressed for walking, and after a quick change from my trainers into shoes I asked Mr C to take a few photos of my outfit. I bought this shirt dress back in August, I already had one in black but really wanted one in white. I first got it in a size 26, hoping for a nice oversized look but it turned out to be way too big. If you order one I would say stick to your usual size from ASOS. I sized down to a 24 and it fits perfectly, stretchy over my hips and stomach so that it's comfortable and there

Style | Shopping My Wardrobe

Hi, One good thing about not shopping at the moment is being able to shop my wardrobe, I wrote about this recently and you can read the post here if you missed it! A current favourite outfit of mine is this blue skirt from Sainsburys which I bought earlier this year, I'm determined to wear it as much as possible as it took so long to find the skirt in my size. The jumper is also from Tu at Sainsburys, it was actually one that Mr C picked out for me. I wasn't too sure about it at first but, for £6 in the sale I thought why not. Once I tried it on I loved how it looked, simple but it will go with a lot of other pieces in my wardrobe. Jumper - Tu at Sainsburys (old) Skirts - Tu at Sainsburys (old) Shoes - New Look (old)

Style | A Shopping Break

Hi, Shopping, something I love doing online and offline. There's something quite exciting and calming about getting that text to say your ASOS parcel is ready to be collected or delivered, the thrill of opening the package and the prospect of wearing some new items. Back in August that 'thrill' began to wear off, I wasn't enjoying buying the items and was really only shopping due to stress and comparing myself to others. It's so very easy being a blogger and seeing new items all the time that you would love in your wardrobe and keeping up with the ever changing trends. I stood in front of my wardrobe one day and realised I had so many clothes, some with tags on still and a lot that hadn't been worn. The next morning I told Mr C that I was having a break from shopping and would only buy essentials i.e underwear or items for work. We're in October now and I still haven't made a single order, instead I've been scrutinising every p

Style | Confidence

Hi!, I'd always envied anyone that was confident, not just in themselves but in general, whether it was their ability to talk to anyone anywhere, or in what they were, I would always wish that I could be like that. Growing up I was shy, not just a little bit but, extremely shy. I rarely spoke to anyone else outside of my little circle of family and a few friends, the thought of going anywhere alone made me feel physically sick. Mr C commented recently about how confident I looked in some photos that we had taken, in the 11 years we've been together he said that he'd noticed a huge improvement in not only how I am around other people but my body confidence especially. I said to him that he was right but, also (slightly) wrong. There are some days when I feel good, really good like in these pictures below. But with the good there is also the bad. I still have a lot of days when I dislike my body, not all of it but certain areas, some days I think my bum is too big,