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Last Friday Mr C and I took a trip to Intu Milton Keynes to visit the newly installed Thor's Tipi Bar. If you haven't heard of them before Thor's are Christmas pop-up tipi bars which are based in city centres such as York, Leeds, Hull and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. They will be at Intu MK in Oak Court from now until the 31st December.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't heard of them before. Was it going to be a giant tent, how would I keep warm and what exactly would it look like inside? Walking up to it I realised that I was completely wrong, a huge inviting tipi was awaiting us. Once inside it was like a small part of Scandinavia had dropped into Intu. Imagine a roaring fire, mulled wine, giant wooden benches and faux fur blankets covering them.

There is a good size bar inside with plenty of drinks to choose from like beer, mulled wine, soft drinks or a 'pimped up hot chocolate'. Keeping warm was not an issue, there is a large fire pit in the middle and then heaters on the edges blowing in hot air. The vibe inside was very chilled, we sat for ages with our drinks, chatting and planning which shops to pop into before they closed!

So, if you want somewhere new to sip some delicious mulled wine or fancy a hot chocolate to perk you up after all that Christmas shopping then head to Thor's and enjoy!

Instagram - Thors Tipi Bar

Instragram - Intu Milton Keynes


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