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I'd always envied anyone that was confident, not just in themselves but in general, whether it was their ability to talk to anyone anywhere, or in what they were, I would always wish that I could be like that.

Growing up I was shy, not just a little bit but, extremely shy. I rarely spoke to anyone else outside of my little circle of family and a few friends, the thought of going anywhere alone made me feel physically sick. Mr C commented recently about how confident I looked in some photos that we had taken, in the 11 years we've been together he said that he'd noticed a huge improvement in not only how I am around other people but my body confidence especially.

I said to him that he was right but, also (slightly) wrong. There are some days when I feel good, really good like in these pictures below. But with the good there is also the bad. I still have a lot of days when I dislike my body, not all of it but certain areas, some days I think my bum is too big, my thighs are horrendous, my legs look awful - but these days are now thankfully few and far between. I remember the days when I used to cry at myself in the mirror and would literally starve myself, I was always certain that if I lost weight it would make me more attractive, life would be better and I would always be happy. How wrong I was!

I've given up dieting, it doesn't mean that I don't care about my body but it means that my desire to be thinner has subsided and the need to love my body has finally taken over.

T-Shirt - ASOS
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Trainers - Nike (old)
Bag - Radley (old)



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