Style | A Shopping Break


Shopping, something I love doing online and offline. There's something quite exciting and calming about getting that text to say your ASOS parcel is ready to be collected or delivered, the thrill of opening the package and the prospect of wearing some new items.

Back in August that 'thrill' began to wear off, I wasn't enjoying buying the items and was really only shopping due to stress and comparing myself to others. It's so very easy being a blogger and seeing new items all the time that you would love in your wardrobe and keeping up with the ever changing trends. I stood in front of my wardrobe one day and realised I had so many clothes, some with tags on still and a lot that hadn't been worn. The next morning I told Mr C that I was having a break from shopping and would only buy essentials i.e underwear or items for work.

We're in October now and I still haven't made a single order, instead I've been scrutinising every piece in my wardrobe, does it still fit, am I going to wear it again? It's been quite a revelation actually, I've made so many different outfits by using what I've got that it's like having a whole new wardrobe. The one thing (shopping) I thought was making me happy was in fact not.

One of the last things that I purchased in August was this dress from ASOS, back then I bought it on a whim but, since buying it, I've worn it lots. The recent warm weather has allowed me to get a lot of wear out of it but, now its cooler I'll be adding a thick cardigan and tights to make it more wearable throughout the cooler months.

So, when will I start shopping again? Who knows, but for now I'll just keep shopping my wardrobe!


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