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Style | Summer to Winter

Hi, Just when I thought I was going to be packing up my summer wardrobe I decided to have one last look and see if there pieces that I could carry on wearing through the colder months. I don't normally do this but since my little shopping ban over the summer I'm trying to be bit more resourceful with the items I have in my wardrobe. I spent a couple of hours one weekend putting outfits together. I found that this was the best to see what was going to work and what I would definitely need to pack away. One item that I hadn't worn since the summer was this T-Shirt dress from ASOS. I bought it just before Mr C and I took a trip down to Weymouth, I wanted something comfortable, cool and loose to wear. It did the trick as after 3 hours in the car I still managed to look relatively fresh despite the heat. I added my old coatigan from New Look. I wish that they would sell these again, I adore this one, it goes with so many other items in my wardrobe and I w

Style | Christmas Party Outfit with Lovedrobe

Hi, So, I won't mention that it's Christmas again! I hope that you are enjoying the festive season so far! To take my mind off the fact that I have not purchased one single present yet, I've started planning what I'm going to be doing in 2018. Especially with regards to the blog but, I'm saving all my thoughts for one long end of year post. My first outfit would be perfect for when you need to do a quick change at work to go straight from the office to the bar. I picked this dress because I loved the detail on the sleeve, I still get a little self conscious about the tops of my arms sometimes so it's nice to find something that provides a slight amount of coverage. The detail on the rest of the sleeve works well with the mesh, I hadn't worn a ruffle until I wore this dress in the summer, which, was also from Lovedrobe but, I find myself slowly being drawn to it more and more. The dress itself is slightly more fitted so I added some shapewear

Beauty | Bare to Bold

Hi, I really wanted to try something different with my makeup for Christmas parties this year so, I decided to book in another lesson at the Bare Minerals counter at Debenhams in Milton Keynes. I recently went for lesson 4: Effortless Eyes, which was really fun despite my atrocious attempt at winged eyeliner (thank you to Emma for saving the day!). This time I went in completely bare faced ready for my bold look! Josephine started with applying foundation, blusher, highlighter and blush. This is the forth time that I've tried the foundation and I've loved it each time, so I purchased it straight after my lesson! I'm absolutely loving highlighter now, having never tried it before I'm definitely going to be buying some after Christmas. My favourite tip from Josie was to apply it not only on the top of the cheek bones but, down the middle of your nose and on the tip. Again, we done the same thing as the previous lessons, Josie did one side and the other

Beauty | Festive Eyes

Hi, If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I recently went to Debenhams at Intu for a make up lesson with Bare Minerals. You can read about it here. A few weeks ago I went for lesson 2 which was all about contour and highlight. I cannot wait to try out the tips and tricks that I learnt. I just feel sad now that I've thrown away so many foundations that were too dark that I could have used for contouring! This time I went for lesson 4: Effortless Eyes. This is something that I really wanted to improve on. I've always had trouble with eyeshadows and liner, this is largely due to the fact that I have such bad eyesight, it's not easy to recreate an eye look with your face pressed up against the mirror! I met with the lovely Emma this time. I told her that I only wear mascara and a small amount of liner occasionally. I also added that on one occasion I even got Mr C to try and do a winged liner on me, which was an epic fail! First of all

Style | The Perfect Party Dress

Hi, "Its the most wonderful time of the year, there'll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and carolling out in the snow" Christmas already, I know it's a cliché to say this but, it most certainly has come around quickly this year. One minute I was rocking around in summer dresses and now here I am planning my party, Christmas day and New Years eve outfits! Now, back to the main focus of this post, this beautiful dress from Lovedrobe! I wore this dress for my first Christmas lunch, it was an afternoon affair but, as it's the festive season I decided to get a little bit dressed up! This dress is from the Lovedrobe Luxe collection*, they have so many beautiful dresses it was really hard to pick one.   The dress is a gorgeous charcoal grey colour with some intricate detailing around the neckline. The outer layer is quite a thin material, which feels similar to crepe, it hangs nicely once on thanks to a thick layer o