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I really wanted to try something different with my makeup for Christmas parties this year so, I decided to book in another lesson at the Bare Minerals counter at Debenhams in Milton Keynes. I recently went for lesson 4: Effortless Eyes, which was really fun despite my atrocious attempt at winged eyeliner (thank you to Emma for saving the day!).

This time I went in completely bare faced ready for my bold look! Josephine started with applying foundation, blusher, highlighter and blush. This is the forth time that I've tried the foundation and I've loved it each time, so I purchased it straight after my lesson! I'm absolutely loving highlighter now, having never tried it before I'm definitely going to be buying some after Christmas. My favourite tip from Josie was to apply it not only on the top of the cheek bones but, down the middle of your nose and on the tip.

Again, we done the same thing as the previous lessons, Josie did one side and the other side was for me to practise on! This is me applying highlighter. Another tip, if you are unsure of what should be applied where remember highlight, blush, countour, a makeup sandwich!

A subtle amount of highlight, blush and contour! (and a few grey hairs!)

Next up were my eyes. I was more than happy to let Josie choose the colours for me. I would normally go for browns, greys and gold so I was super happy when she bought out the most beautiful deep red eyeshadow. She did what she described as a spotlight eye, nope, I had never heard of it but, as she was wearing the same look and colours on her eyes and it looked gorgeous I was more than happy to try it!

To achieve the spotlight look Josie applied a lovely gold shadow on the part of my lid above my pupil. You can see effect below. I feel like this is a look that I can recreate for parties not only over the Christmas period but for any events.

We didn't apply any eyeliner, only mascara. My eyebrows were done at the end, don't worry, they didn't stay like this!

Next was my lips, now I look tired in this picture but, I'm not! I was just feeling very relaxed. The whole lesson was fun, helpful but, whenever I'm enjoying having my makeup done I get very, lets say, chill!

Here are all the products we used and then the final look! As I said earlier in the post I purchased the foundation. So far I've purchased a lip liner, a lipstick in the colour Queen, an eyebrow pencil and a foundation. I've decided to invest in some good quality make up from now on so there are a few more things on my list that I will be buying from Bare Minerals in 2018!

Thank you once again to Emma and Josie at the Bare Minerals stand at Debenhams (intu Milton Keynes). Please do go and visit if you are in the MK area.


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