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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I recently went to Debenhams at Intu for a make up lesson with Bare Minerals. You can read about it here.

A few weeks ago I went for lesson 2 which was all about contour and highlight. I cannot wait to try out the tips and tricks that I learnt. I just feel sad now that I've thrown away so many foundations that were too dark that I could have used for contouring!

This time I went for lesson 4: Effortless Eyes. This is something that I really wanted to improve on. I've always had trouble with eyeshadows and liner, this is largely due to the fact that I have such bad eyesight, it's not easy to recreate an eye look with your face pressed up against the mirror!

I met with the lovely Emma this time. I told her that I only wear mascara and a small amount of liner occasionally. I also added that on one occasion I even got Mr C to try and do a winged liner on me, which was an epic fail!

First of all Emma freshened up my base with some moisturiser, primer and foundation. Next she put some primer on my eyelids.

The first tip she gave me was to apply the lighter shade all over my eyelids and then put the darker shade on the outside, this will make your eyes appear wider and brighter! Now, I would have put the dark colour all over my lids and then the lighter one so I'm definitely going to be doing this from now on!

Once the colours were on the next step was to blend, and blend and blend! This is the key to a flawless finish on eyeshadow.

Next it was eyeliner. Emma asked what I normally do and I said I just line the top and that's it! She asked if I'd ever tried a winged liner, it was something that I tried once but could never get it right. We decided to give it another go. Let's just say Emma's was perfect, mine however looked like someone  had drawn on my eyes with their eyes shut! A good tip she gave me was to put the pen at the corner of your eye and then place a dot where you want the wing to end!

After Emma had tidied up my disaster she applied some mascara, tidied up my brows, added some highlighter, bronzer and then I was good to go!

Here is the final look! Going to these lessons has been so helpful, I've learnt so many tips and tricks, ones that I have seen on YouTube videos or in magazines but, actually being able to do them with someone there showing you makes such a difference.

All the products used are listed below:

Epiphany Eyeshadows


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