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So, I won't mention that it's Christmas again! I hope that you are enjoying the festive season so far! To take my mind off the fact that I have not purchased one single present yet, I've started planning what I'm going to be doing in 2018. Especially with regards to the blog but, I'm saving all my thoughts for one long end of year post.

My first outfit would be perfect for when you need to do a quick change at work to go straight from the office to the bar.

I picked this dress because I loved the detail on the sleeve, I still get a little self conscious about the tops of my arms sometimes so it's nice to find something that provides a slight amount of coverage. The detail on the rest of the sleeve works well with the mesh, I hadn't worn a ruffle until I wore this dress in the summer, which, was also from Lovedrobe but, I find myself slowly being drawn to it more and more. The dress itself is slightly more fitted so I added some shapewear under my dress, if you don't like wearing shapewear and want a slightly looser fit I would suggest sizing up by two. I'm wearing a 26 here and I'm normally a 24.

I paired it with these green sparkly flats from Asda, I own about 2 pairs of heels. I just find flats so much more comfortable especially when it comes to dancing!

Now, whos ready to dance!

Dress - Lovedrobe*
Coat - New Look (Old)
Shoes - George at Asda
Bag - Kate Spade (Old)


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