Lifestyle | A Late New Year


This is so late but, Happy New Year! It been over 8 weeks since my last post, this was intentional. The last 4-5 months of 2017 were extremely stressful, a lot was going in all aspects of my life so, just before Christmas I decided that I would take a break from blogging until I was ready to start again.

It's only in the last year or so that I have taken breaks from blogging, I always used to feel so guilty but, then I realised that it was affecting my posts. I would just be writing for the sake of it, most of the time it was forced because I felt that I had to get something out. I love blogging but, as its not a source of income for me I had to remind myself that it was okay to put it on the back burner and come back to it when I was ready.

During my blogging break I've read more blogs, discovered new ones, read books, caught up on a lot of my favourite Netflix shows and spent a lot of time with Mr C.

The result is that I feel better for it and have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head. The pictures on this post are the first ones I'd taken since December and I was super happy to be back in front of the camera, can you tell!


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