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Back in 2017 I kind of let my work wardrobe go a little bit, it was a case of getting up and throwing something on before rushing out the door. By the time we had reached the Christmas break I realised that I was reaching for the same 6-7 dresses and just rotating them.

I decided that this year I was going to give my work wardrobe a refresh but, without spending too much money. My main aim is to choose pieces that I can use with old items that I have in my wardrobe. 

First up is this top from Lovedrobe*. I first saw this on Instagram and I fell in love with it straightaway, anything with a pleat is guaranteed to put a smile on my face!

This top goes with so many items in my wardrobe, not just the grey pleated skirt i'm wearing here but, trousers and jeans. I can also add some accessories to make it work for an evening look as well. The top itself it is quite lightweight so, if you do feel the cold you can add a vest top underneath. I thought that sleeves might get in the way whilst I was typing at work but they didn't. It was so comfortable to wear and, one great thing is that it didn't crease at all. 

Off to work!

*This item was gifted 


  1. Hi there, visiting from TCF and I like your blog, so I will be back to read more. I love that skirt on you. . .


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