Travel - Morley Hayes Review

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As much I love going abroad sometimes it's nice to discover new places in the UK to travel to and, as we are not going on holiday this year, Mr C and I have decided to go on at least 3 weekend breaks.

One of the places that we are going to is Morley Hayes. This will be our third time there so, technically it wont be somewhere new to visit but, we still have 2 other trips planned so I'm going to make sure we go somewhere new!

Morley Hayes hotel is based just on the outskirts of Derby. I discovered it by accident a few years ago when Mr C and I were looking for a last minute weekend break. It came up as a recommended place so, I read the reviews (which I'm normally scared to do!) and they were all glowing! I booked it at 22.00 that night and the next day we were off!

One of my favourite things about the hotel is where it is set. Overlooking the golf course and set back from the main road means that it is ideal for a quiet weekend away.

So, first of all the bedroom.

Last time we visited we stayed in a superior room. Was it worth the extra money? Absolutely! This was the view whilst we sat on the balcony. Not too bad hey!

The room was clean, tidy and just the right size to relax in. It was nice to have the sofas so I could relax and read whilst Mr C sat on the bed to watch some tv.

As you walk in the door to the right you have the bathroom. It's clean, bright and functional. I love having a separate shower and bath when we go away. I always say to myself that I will have a nice long soak in the bath whenever we go away but I usually end up eating too much at dinner and then falling asleep! Next time I will be getting in the bath as soon as we get there!

As you come out of the bathroom there was a little area to make tea and coffee, with biscuits of course.


Opposite was a spacious wardrobe with automatic lighting, perfect for anyone who like me will pack  like they are going away for 48 days rather than 48 hours!

One thing I tend to struggle with is sleeping in hotels. I'm very much a homebody at heart so, whenever I'm away from my side of the bed and that familiar comfy groove in the mattress, I always end up having a bad nights sleep. The first time we stayed here I slept for 5 hours straight which is a miracle, the bed is so comfortable, not too warm either and it's so big it's like having my own double bed.

There are two restaurants to choose from, The Dovecote and Roosters. We have eaten at both and they are excellent. The Dovecote is more of a formal dining experience, good quality food and reasonably priced. You can opt for a stay and dine package which includes Dinner, Bed and Breakfast.  We ordered room service from Roosters last time, we had pizza, wedges and garlic bread in the comfort of our room. Everything arrived wrapped in foil which meant it was still piping hot, there is nothing worse than eating luke warm room service food.

And, of course I saved the best until last! Breakfast time. I am super fussy about breakfast, I love fruit followed by locally sourced ingredients, things like bacon, eggs, bread and juices. Their breakfast does not disappoint. If, like me, you are fan of black pudding you wont be disappointed. This one is slightly different to the usual ones I've tried but it rates very highly on my 'how many types of black pudding can I try' list!

So, if you are looking for a relaxing quiet weekend away with good food then I would highly recommend Morely Hayes. If you do decide go, let me know!

Food | Breakfast Time!

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A good weekend for me starts with a good breakfast, not just a bowl of cereal but creamy eggs on toast, juice and maybe a pastry or two!

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that most weekends I post stories of Mr C and I at our favourite breakfast spot, The Batch Café.

We first discovered the Batch back in 2017 after spotting it on Instagram. I said to Mr C that we had to add it to our list of places to try. Our first visit was late one Saturday morning so it was more brunch than breakfast. Mr C opted for a ploughman's lunch and I went with my favourite, scrambled eggs on toast.

I'm super fussy when it comes to scrambled eggs, I love fresh eggs with a bit of salt and pepper, they have to be creamy but not too runny and piping hot. I have been to many places where I have left my eggs, if I can't tick all of the above then I won't eat them. As soon as I tried the ones at the Batch I told Mr C we would be coming back. The eggs were perfectly cooked, with three triangles of sourdough toast underneath. You can add extra to your breakfast as well. My favourite combo, as Lucy and Carl well know, is Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Bacon and Black Pudding. I know, Black Pudding, not something that is to everyones taste, it's definitely a Marmite love or hate it thing. This is my favourite black pudding, thick, full of flavour and good quality. Buy it from a butchers if you can, most shop ones have too much artificial additives in so you lose a lot of the flavour.

Mr C always opts for a Campers breakfast (with no eggs). I love the fact that they use locally sourced good quality ingredients, it makes a huge difference to the taste and, I'm all for keeping things local and supporting small businesses.

The Batch offers a good selection of teas, coffees and juices alongside breakfast and lunch. Although the space is small it still has a warm friendly feeling. It certainly helps that the owners, Lucy and Carl are two of the nicest people you could meet. A quick chat followed by breakfast is a great way to start a Saturday!

Oh wait, how could I forget the cakes! The Cakes!!! Ok, let me tell you something - I'm not a fan of fruit I'd rather eat a ton of vegetables than eat an apple or a banana, however, the homemade cakes here are amazing. I don't like raspberries but, if the raspberry sponge is on the menu there is no doubt I'm having a slice. Passionfruit, ughh, put it in a cake, suddenly I'm in love.

There is one bad thing about the Batch, when they close for any sort of break, I just can't stand the wait until they are open again!

You can visit their website here.

Style | SS19 with Intu Milton Keynes

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Now that winter is over (thank goodness), its time to get into S/S fashion and I cannot wait! A few week's ago I was kindly invited by Intu MK to their bloggers breakfast to see their SS19 Style Pod and, a few other surprises!

After a hot chocolate to warm up, the sun may be shining but, this wind is no joke, we headed over the style pod.

First up a was a talk by the lovely Isabel , a stylist at The Wardrobe Edit. She went through some of the trends for S/S19, talking through pieces from various suppliers in Intu such as Karen Millen, Debenhams and New Look.

First up were these trainers. I usually opt for all white or white and black trainers but, these have really caught my eye. They would go perfectly with so many items in my wardrobe.

Next up is Neon. I have not worn neon since 1988, if I can find some pictures I will pop them on Instagram but basically it was me in America in some neon yellow shorts next to my sister who had a matching pair but in green! Thanks goodness style has come on a long way since then.

Shoes and Jumper - New Look
I really really need some animal print in my life, my wardrobe is looking very monochrome which is very unusual for me.
One thing that Isabel spoke about was how she styles people based more on there body shapes and what suits them rather than dressing them in the latest trends. She wants to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.


I'm a little bit obsessed with this combo!

You can visit Isabels Instagram for some serious style inspo and further information on her styling sessions.
Afterwards we had a talk from the lovely girls at Victoria's Secrets. I must admit every time I 've been to Intu I've always avoided going into the store. The advertising makes me feel like there is nothing for me which is a shame. After going through some new season items we were then invited to the store for a bra fitting session.

So after going into the fitting room, one of the assistants came in and measured me. I was very surprised to find a bra to fit me and fit me well. Unfortunately they don't carry my size in store which is a real shame. I hope that this will change so that there are more options in store.
As I couldn't get a bra in my size I was kindly gifted a night shirt, a pair of underwear and some body spray.

 Make sure that you follow Intu Milton Keynes on Instagram for more SS19 updates!

Lifestyle | Life Lately

Tuesday, 9 April 2019 | 1 comment


Well, this is a bit strange, back at my old desk, dusting off the laptop and spending an age trying to remember my login to Blogger!

When I started blogging I was so excited, I had seen so many other people start their blogs and I was like, yes, I can do this too! The excitement for me never seemed to wane and I finally thought I'd found a hobby that I would continue with for a long time.

Unfortunately towards the end of 2017 the excitement began to wear off. I did the one thing that I'd always promised myself I wouldn't do - I compared myself to other bloggers. Once I started it was difficult to stop, every post I wrote was crap, my Insta photos were not good enough, my tweets not interesting enough. I still wrote a few blog posts at the beginning of 2018 but then things at work changed very suddenly, the majority of my spare time was spent working extra hours and when I wasn't doing that I was keeping up with house stuff and life. For me blogging is a hobby so my main job had to take priority.
This year I've decided to get back into blogging. I've decided to write more about  the things I love - like food, travel and life!  Blogging is one of few things that really helps me relax and switch off from work. However, this time I'm going to put less pressure on myself. I've realised that everyone has their own way of writing, their own style for blogging and for Instagram. I need to find out what works best for me and stick to it. I used to have a schedule for every post, set it all out in a notebook and spend hours thinking of what to write. Now I'm just going to go with the flow!

I'm also considering a name change for my blog at some point this year. I love my current name but I feel like it's too long and really represents me when I first started blogging. If you have read my blog for a long time, who remembers TDT aka Trim Down Thursday? Ughh, it makes me cringe just thinking about it.  Let me know if you have any ideas for a name change.