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A good weekend for me starts with a good breakfast, not just a bowl of cereal but creamy eggs on toast, juice and maybe a pastry or two!

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that most weekends I post stories of Mr C and I at our favourite breakfast spot, The Batch Café.

We first discovered the Batch back in 2017 after spotting it on Instagram. I said to Mr C that we had to add it to our list of places to try. Our first visit was late one Saturday morning so it was more brunch than breakfast. Mr C opted for a ploughman's lunch and I went with my favourite, scrambled eggs on toast.

I'm super fussy when it comes to scrambled eggs, I love fresh eggs with a bit of salt and pepper, they have to be creamy but not too runny and piping hot. I have been to many places where I have left my eggs, if I can't tick all of the above then I won't eat them. As soon as I tried the ones at the Batch I told Mr C we would be coming back. The eggs were perfectly cooked, with three triangles of sourdough toast underneath. You can add extra to your breakfast as well. My favourite combo, as Lucy and Carl well know, is Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Bacon and Black Pudding. I know, Black Pudding, not something that is to everyones taste, it's definitely a Marmite love or hate it thing. This is my favourite black pudding, thick, full of flavour and good quality. Buy it from a butchers if you can, most shop ones have too much artificial additives in so you lose a lot of the flavour.

Mr C always opts for a Campers breakfast (with no eggs). I love the fact that they use locally sourced good quality ingredients, it makes a huge difference to the taste and, I'm all for keeping things local and supporting small businesses.

The Batch offers a good selection of teas, coffees and juices alongside breakfast and lunch. Although the space is small it still has a warm friendly feeling. It certainly helps that the owners, Lucy and Carl are two of the nicest people you could meet. A quick chat followed by breakfast is a great way to start a Saturday!

Oh wait, how could I forget the cakes! The Cakes!!! Ok, let me tell you something - I'm not a fan of fruit I'd rather eat a ton of vegetables than eat an apple or a banana, however, the homemade cakes here are amazing. I don't like raspberries but, if the raspberry sponge is on the menu there is no doubt I'm having a slice. Passionfruit, ughh, put it in a cake, suddenly I'm in love.

There is one bad thing about the Batch, when they close for any sort of break, I just can't stand the wait until they are open again!

You can visit their website here.


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