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Well, this is a bit strange, back at my old desk, dusting off the laptop and spending an age trying to remember my login to Blogger!

When I started blogging I was so excited, I had seen so many other people start their blogs and I was like, yes, I can do this too! The excitement for me never seemed to wane and I finally thought I'd found a hobby that I would continue with for a long time.

Unfortunately towards the end of 2017 the excitement began to wear off. I did the one thing that I'd always promised myself I wouldn't do - I compared myself to other bloggers. Once I started it was difficult to stop, every post I wrote was crap, my Insta photos were not good enough, my tweets not interesting enough. I still wrote a few blog posts at the beginning of 2018 but then things at work changed very suddenly, the majority of my spare time was spent working extra hours and when I wasn't doing that I was keeping up with house stuff and life. For me blogging is a hobby so my main job had to take priority.
This year I've decided to get back into blogging. I've decided to write more about  the things I love - like food, travel and life!  Blogging is one of few things that really helps me relax and switch off from work. However, this time I'm going to put less pressure on myself. I've realised that everyone has their own way of writing, their own style for blogging and for Instagram. I need to find out what works best for me and stick to it. I used to have a schedule for every post, set it all out in a notebook and spend hours thinking of what to write. Now I'm just going to go with the flow!

I'm also considering a name change for my blog at some point this year. I love my current name but I feel like it's too long and really represents me when I first started blogging. If you have read my blog for a long time, who remembers TDT aka Trim Down Thursday? Ughh, it makes me cringe just thinking about it.  Let me know if you have any ideas for a name change.


  1. I love the go with the flow idea! I had pre written all this content for the year in January but its ended up that going with flow just works better for me at the moment!
    And I realised I do this because it's fun so if its not fun, something needs to change. Still working out those changes but having fun again finally!


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