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If you follow me on Instagram you will know that Mr C and I decided to get married this year. And no, we didn't recently get engaged, we did that 12 years ago! Yep, I feel like we should be in the Guinness Book of Records.

With all the wedding planning and being extremely busy with work, my usual cleaning routine has been all over the place. I normally spend a good couple of month's giving the house a good deep clean. However, with work and wedding taking priority it's taken a bit of a back seat. Add in the house renovations that are ongoing and, well, the house was ready for a good clean!

When Fantastic Services got in touch to ask me if I wanted to try one of their services I was extremely happy, rather than spending a whole weekend cleaning I planned to do a bit of ironing and then put my feet up and relax.
I opted for 2 hours of cleaning downstairs, and the upstairs bathroom. With life being so busy at the moment our usually tidy house had somewhat gotten into a bit of a mess!

At 9.00am prompt, a team of three from Fantastic Services turned up ready to clean. First of all we were asked which areas were a priority. I said the kitchen, downstairs toilet, upstairs bathroom and living area as those areas in our house had been used frequently over the last week or so.

After that we left the guys to get on, I went upstairs and did some ironing, as someone who enjoys cleaning I couldn't sit and do nothing!

The time flew by and it didn't feel that long until Mr C was calling me downstairs. First of all we were given some sexy shoe covers to wear and then we were shown around the areas that we had requested to be cleaned.

In the kitchen it wasn't just a case of wiping the sides down and a quick mop. The sink was cleaned, the top and front of oven , inside the microwave, worktops, cupboard doors, even the toaster got the magic touch! I told Mr C we were never making toast again, ever!
My weekly goal is to make the sink this shiny again!

I was expecting just a quick clean around in the living areas but, one of the team spent time wiping all the skirting boards, not my favourite job so they were in need of a good clean. All the wood trim, furniture and ornaments were carefully dusted. Not only was everything thoroughly cleaned but, any items that they had to move were put back in the exact place.
One thing I must mention is that they were all wearing the shoe covers inside the house and gloves whilst cleaning.

The hallway was cleaned too. All the skirting, furniture dusted and the rugs given a good hoover. We have some coir matting by the door and let me say I was really really impressed at how clean it now looks, so much that I've asked Mr C for the perfect wedding gift, a Henry Hoover! (not joking at all). Even as a Christmas present will be fine, not fussed at all.
The bathroom upstairs was given a good deep clean.  The bath was so clean I did not want to use it. At this point I was just ready to pack my bag and move out because it looked so good I did not want to get it dirty again...… ever. Even now, a week after it was done, it still looks clean.
Mr C and I were both really impressed by the quality of cleaning, how quickly it was done and how polite they all were. It's definitely something I'm considering doing again closer to the wedding. I would recommend this especially for a one off, I found that since this has been done the cleaning has been easier to keep on top of.
It's really easy to book, just go to Fantastic Services' website and create an account. You then create a booking by selecting the service category, the service and then pop in your postcode! From there you can add on extras and then click to find out availability, book and pay! Simple.
You can also use my referral code to get £10 off your first booking using this link:

Right, now I'm off to look at oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, gardening, everything really! Is it time to retire my marigolds??

*The cleaning service was gifted from Fantastic Services’ but all words and views are my own*


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